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I often hear from readers asking “What’s the best holster for my (fill in the blank) carry gun?” I can’t answer that question, but I can help you to make your own decision. One thing I’ve learned over almost 40 years of carrying a gun daily, 20-odd years as a cop, many years spent as the handgun leather columnist for Handgunner and the owner of a half-dozen boxes of holsters that didn’t work is … keep things simple. I hate to keep saying it, but it’s simply the truth: Simple works.

Aaron Parr, founder and president of AP Tactial, LLC is a firearms instructor, martial arts teacher, serious competitive shooter and someone who carries a gun daily. His own frustration trying to find a comfortable carry holster led him down the inevitable path to try to make one himself. Unlike most such attempts, in Aaron’s case, it worked out, and AP Tactical was born. His small company makes a handful of very simple holster designs, both inside the waist and outside the waist, and matching mag pouches, all of synthetic materials.

The test samples Aaron sent are the Sleuth (IWB) holster, the Mongoose (outside-the-waistband) and a double mag pouch, all for the S&W Shield. Workmanship is first-rate, and the holsters are solid, with smooth edges and good quality hardware. Each one is handmade for a particular gun fit, and each rig is curved to better fit the torso. Wife Suzi carries a Shield daily and has the typical challenge most women have with hip holsters — hips. Unlike many OWB rigs, the AP Mongoose was lightweight and rode comfortably for her. I also tried it for a day or so around the property here and have no complaints. It’s good quality gear at reasonable prices. Hard to argue with that recipe.

AP ships in seven days from ordering, offers a no hassle 30-day return policy and a lifetime guarantee. They also offer some cool colors, so who says you have to go black or grey when it comes to a rig for your favorite roscoe? For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/index, (814) 317-6020.


By Roy Huntington

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