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That’s a handful to say, but in actuality, it works very simply. The Micro Vault (from GunVault) uses biometric — fingerprint recognition — technology to open the lock box to access whatever you have stashed inside. Some other models use combinations of finger touches on a keyboard, but we found this to be fast and easy, with no need to remember what your “finger touch” combo is. Once programmed (it takes about 30 seconds to accomplish) you merely swipe your pointer finger over the tiny screen (look closely on the keypad, in the left finger slot to see it) and within a second or so, the box emits a soft “beep” and opens with a snick. There is a backup key supplied and also a cable lock in case you want to secure the box. It can be programmed for up to 120 fingerprints, so you could even use it to keep keys secure in a small company, or other sensitive items a cross-section of people need to access at times.

Inside, you can keep a handgun, personal light, a reload and even other valuable personal items. It would make a nifty, portable safe when traveling, and an ideal place to put your jewelry and what-nots when not in your hotel room. I put a classic Colt Cobra (no, you can’t buy it, it’s Suzi’s and she’ll fight you for it), an HKS speedloader and Streamlight’s new Protac 2L personal light inside for the picture so you can get an idea of what might fit. That’s pretty typical of what I’d think might hide inside a Micro Vault, and just the stuff you might need when the bump in the night happens. A 5″ 1911 fits and still leaves a bit of room for a light and a spare magazine but a 6″ Colt Python didn’t fit, just so you know. MSRP is about $220 or so. For more info:

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