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By Roy Huntington

Bill Rogers is a former FBI agent, police instructor, inventor, ranking IPSC shooter and has a bit over 40 years of competition experience. Bill has also invented many of the most successful duty holster designs today, along with a host of other concealed carry and duty gear items. But like many things, it’s often the small things garnering attention. One of his latest ideas makes plain sense. Many people (cops included) carry autos for protection or as backup guns. Many of these guns have rails, but few of us carry a light on the gun.

Bill’s new Rail Lite is a simple pairing of a rugged Streamlight Microstream AAA-powered LED light with his nifty “snap-on” system. The hook here is you carry the light in your pocket and can use it as an illumination tool, or as a back-up to a bigger light, then quickly snap it onto your auto if you need a gun light. It literally takes only a second or two to attach it, and it allows your off-hand thumb to activate the light (momentary on/off or click to on/off). While it’s not a blazing, melt-your-eyes light, the roughly 28 lumens it puts out is plenty to see into a dark room, have a look-see into a car or just find your keys when you drop ’em.

It comes with a lanyard, spare switch cover, good instructions and a warning Bill considers this an “emergency” gun light, since the Streamlight Microstream wasn’t designed as a dedicated gun light. Having said that, I put it on a custom 9mm CCF Raceframe Robar Glock clone and shot about 50 fast rounds with the Rail Lite attached (the gun in the photo). The light stayed on just fine and I honestly don’t see an issue with reliablity, especially as this won’t be seeing constant duty on a gun. A great idea, if you ask me, and at only $34.95 gets you two tools, a gun light and a flashlight in one compact package. For more info:, (877) 757-5600

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