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By Roy Huntington

Michael Gailey and his wife Pat are SGM Grips, so you’re dealing with actual human beings who are hands-on with their business — and genuine Americans at every level. Mike spent a career doing things like programming CNC machines, understanding laser scanning and smart-stuff like that, and he reached a point where he decided to apply his engineering skills to create better grips. His amazing line of custom grips for the popular Kimber Solo and 1911 shows that skill applied in the real world.

Our lineup here, reading from left to right, would be red cocobolo, yellow camel bone, everygreen camo dymondwood (with Viper checkering), red/black cocobolo with Kimber-style Solo checkering, black/blue G10 with SGM Western checkering, medium-dark amboyna burl with Kimber-style Solo checkering and the ones on the gun are multicolor aged camel bone. And, this is only a fraction of what’s available on SMG’s website. I’ll be honest and tell you it’s almost impossible to make a decision, so be prepared to buy two or three sets. At around $69.95 a set (and up) they are affordable enough to get what you want.

They are coated in pure tung oil, and show the attention to detail, careful craftmanship and genuine style only an artist with solid mechanical skills can deliver. You’ve got to go to their website and check out the sample woods they offer. It’s simply amazing to see that kind of beauty turned into grips. They also do a custom polish for Solo slides, to spiff things up to go with your new grips! These are nice people, who do top-quality work. How can you lose? Tell Mike and Pat we sent you. For more info:, (912) 531-8340, [email protected]

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