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In the excitement to get to the range and shoot, we probably put up with a lot of unnecessary disorganization. Which probably contributes to a shooting experience far less effective or joyful than it otherwise could be. Tipton’s Transporter Range Vise helps keep it all organized and will probably make your “wish I had this a long time ago” list after one use. Here’s why: Attached or a part of or built into one very handy 9″x20″x9″ range bag are three pockets for holding pistols, space for propping up to three rifles, two removable forks for holding a gun while cleaning, and clamps to attach the whole unit to a tabletop up to 3-5/8” thick. You can carry up to 40 lbs. in this rig and, once you set it down, enjoy a drink because your water bottle is in the built-in drink holder. Once you’re done shooting, the gear all packs neatly inside itself, leaving you with a tidy case to carry back to your vehicle. The Transporter provides these solutions: Keeps guns close and organized and safely stored; Creates a means of safely mounting a rifle for easy cleaning and maintenance; and Puts all of this right on the edge of a shooting bench or tabletop. Stuff packed in mine: eye protection, ear protection, ammo, notebooks and pens, camera, cleaning supplies, towel, and more. All that stuff previously traveled in a traditional range bag which, when unloaded, offered little to none of the organization and ease of use of the Transporter Range Vise. Favorite feature? Gotta be the mounts for the rifle. Very handy for cleaning and even just holding a rifle, bolt open, when not shooting. Retail price: $69.99. For more info, www.btibrands.com, Ph: (877) 509-9160.

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