A Close Look At: Airsoft & Airguns

Backyard Blasting: Tune Up Yer Trigger Finger.

Since when did “airsofting” become a verb? About 10 years ago, as a matter of fact, and if you didn’t know that you’re sorely behind the times. Good thing you read Handgunner. When my buddies used to talk about their “epic” airsoft battles — even using ’em for target practice — I used to groan. Great, they’re playing with toy guns. Having grown up shooting real handguns and enjoying the clang of ringing steel, I figured airsoft guns were just for … well … kids. Then I got one in my hands.

Repeat after me: “These are not toys.” It’s not about stopping power, but for pure fun. When you can’t shoot real guns, an airsoft gun comes in at a solid second place. Ammo is cheap, and one of the biggest advantages is you can shoot without hearing protection!

So, if you wanna’ take on the grasshoppers in your backyard jungle, punch some paper or get into a pitched battle with your friends, take a hard look at airsoft and airguns.


When you combine the realism of a full-metal pistol with a cycling slide from a popular model, with the ability to shoot it in the garage or backyard — like Umarex USA did with the Beretta Mod. 84FS Air Pistol — it’s bound to get noticed. This hefty airgun hurls BB’s at 360 fps and will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. A drop-free 17-round mag adds more realism to this perfect plinker, so you can hone your skills with inexpensive BBs before pulling out your real Beretta Cheetah. Price is quoted at $89.99.



When Crosman debuted their new Military Occupational Specialist (MOS) Series, we knew we’d have to get our hands on their Military Police Model, the MOS 5811. Developed to educate the public about key roles within the Marines, this airpistol has a precision-steel barrel, durable polymer frame with checkered grips and a 20-round dropout mag. The CO2-powered MOS 5811 provides up to 140 shots per cartridge. It has a useful rail for lights, lasers or anything else your heart desires. Crosman lists this one at $50.


Crosman AEG

Now, this one’s a first … the GFAP13 represents the first-ever AEG (Automatic Electronic Gun) Game Face combat pistol from Crosman. This means — if you haven’t already guessed it — this rugged pistol features a full-auto firing mode for your plinking pleasure. A 30-round, push-button magazine is also included, but you’ll likely want to get at least one or two extras … blowing through 30 rounds (at 220 fps) goes by quick! The GFAP13 has fixed front and rear sights and a rail. This one will cost you $130.


Winchester Rifle

Everyone needs a good air rifle to go along with their cache of air pistols and Daisy’s new Winchester Air Rifle Model 1250CS will complement any arsenal. It comes with a truck-full of features, beginning with a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo composite stock. It also has a fold-down bipod providing steady support, and comes with a web sling and 3-9×32 air rifle scope. The rifled steel barrel delivers a hot 1,250 fps with .177-caliber alloy pellets — perfect to take down annoying critters and demolishing targets. List price is $219.99


Airforce Airguns

Airforce Airguns offers an admirable line of PCP rifles, and their CondorSS model packs a punch. The “SS” stands for “Super Silent” and this model is considered one of Airforce’s “Utility Air Guns” — it’s easy to see why. The CondorSS offers versatility, as the power is adjustable for a variety of applications, and accuracy, with its exceptional Lothar Walther barrel. It’s available in a variety of finishes and can be in your hands for a bunch of shiny pennies at around $717. It’s ultimate-high quality, but you pay for it.