A Gun Show Find

I picked up this Ruger Bearcat for my daughter. It’s a fine gun as is, but knowing they were originally intended to be convertible I dreamt of getting a second cylinder. But before I got around, I attended a small local gun show.

With less than a dozen dealers, there was nothing much to see, but one guy had an old model Bearcat. I spoke to him briefly, telling him about the new model I had gotten for my daughter, and on a thoughtless asked, “You wouldn’t know where I could get a .22 Magnum cylinder for it would you?” He looked shocked — “I have one!”

He had bought a bunch of empty Ruger boxes and one of them had rattled. Beneath one of the folded down corners was an untouched .22 Magnum cylinder! Safe to say the deal was done immediately, and at a good price. A few days later the cylinder arrived with paperwork showing how rare it was.

It took some careful stoning to fit, but now she has something truly special. And, of course, I installed a Belt Mountain cylinder pin. You'll never know if you don’t ask.

David Smith