Fortuitous Timing

About the time I was making my decision I “just happened” to see a Colt Single Action which had been tuned and refinished by Bobby Tyler of Tyler Gun Works. I talked to Bobby and told him it not only needs refinishing but also tuned up as there were a couple of problems with the action. On the cosmetic side Bobby did a beautiful job of re-bluing and case coloring. Of the case coloring Bobby said: “As far as the finish work goes, we went very straightforward and removed all blemishes and hand polished everything to completion. Your flats are still flat and your rounds remain round! You may remember the Colt roll mark was a little faint. We re-marked everything back to the way Sam would have wanted.

“When doing the coloring on the receiver, hammer, loading gate we decided to try to tame it down and keep the colors as true to the original as possible,” Bobby explained. “One of the things we decided to leave alone and absolutely untouched was the front sight blade. The King rib markings were faint as well and we just re-cut them. It was our goal for this to be as close to the original as possible. To finish this I was talking to Scott Kolar with SK Grips out in Pennsylvania. I asked about the possibility of him building a set of stag grips for this project. He did a beautiful set and as we put them on the revolver I went ahead and aged them like we do most of our stags.”

Scott’s stag grips not only look exceptionally beautiful they also feel right in my hand.