Exclusive: Black Rain Ordnance .458 SOCOM Pistols


Black Rain Ordnance (BRO) is a precision firearm manufacturer specializing in modern sporting rifle design. Founded in 2009, their goal is to design, build and assemble a weapon they would personally want to own and operate. They mill, drill, cut, shape, polish, and assemble each gun by hand, ensuring proper fit, function and feel of the highest quality possible.

BRO uses only the highest quality material available so they can produce the highest quality products. Others can build it cheaper and faster, but it doesn’t equate with better — not by a long shot.

SOCOM ammo

.458 SOCOM Cartridge

Marty ter Weeme of Teppo Jutsu designed the .458 SOCOM in 2000, and Tony Rumore of Tromix was contracted to build the first .458 SOCOM rifle in February 2001 for the AR-15/M4 platform after Special Operations personnel discussed the need for a caliber where multiple shots weren’t necessary to neutralize adversaries. The .458 SOCOM propels a 300-gr. bullet at 1,900 fps. (SOCOM is the acronym for Special Operations COMmand.)

Black Rain Pistol

Black Rain .458 SOCOM Pistol

The BRO Spec15 series is a line of AR-15 rifles and pistols built to meet the bid requirements for law enforcement and military personnel, and as an affordable option for civilian use.

Spec15 Specs

The most basic of the Spec15 series, the upper/lower receiver set is Spec15 anodized forged aluminum. The barrel is 10.5″ of vanadium steel with a 1:14″ twist, perfect for accurately propelling heavy .45-caliber projectiles. The bolt carrier group (BCG) is nitride coated and the carbine-length gas system is direct impingement, low profile, non-adjustable gas block.

The trigger is standard G.I. and the muzzle device is a BRO .458 Tank Compensator. Furniture is G.I. grip with choice of brace, and the handguard is a 10″ BRO M-LOK Slim. Length is 27.5″ and it weighs 6 lbs.

Black Rain Pistol

BRO Spec15 SSP

The Black Rain Ordnance Spec15 SOCOM Plus rifle is an enhanced version of Black Rain’s SPEC15 Carbine featuring an upgraded trigger group, handguard, furniture, barrel and BCG. MSRP is $1,649.

Black Rain Pistol

BRO Spec15 Fallout15

The Fallout15 is the most advanced of the Spec15 series. Upgraded features include a nickel boron BCG and BRO 3.5 DIT trigger. MSRP is $1,899.
If you’re looking for a big-bore, semi-auto pistol packing plenty of punch, BRO has just what you’re looking for. All pistols ships with one .458 SOCOM-optimized 10-round magazine.

For more info: https://blackrainordnance.com; Black Rain Ordnance, Ph: (888) 836-2620.