Cheers to the Heritage Barkeep Revolver


Cowboys and mobsters weren't the only ones armed at the saloon.

While mixing alcohol and firearms is often ill-advised, the two vices have been a regular pairing throughout American history, perhaps best portrayed in black and white gunfights on the silver screen. However, in storied Western saloons and city corner bars, it wasn’t just the cowboys, soldiers and mobsters who were armed, but also the bartenders.

Inspired by the short-barrel Colt Single Action Army “Sheriff’s” and “Storekeeper” models, the new Heritage Mfg. Barkeep is a pint-sized revolver with Old West flair. Chambered in .22LR, as well as compatible with .22 WMR cylinders, the 6-shot single-action revolver features a 2” barrel for easy concealability inside any server vest or waistcoat.

The Heritage Barkeep was inspired by the short-barrel Colt "Sheriff's" and “Storekeeper” models.

Constructed from alloy steel, the Barkeep is available in black oxide or simulated case-hardened finishes with either custom scroll wood or gray pearl grips in classic Western styling. A large blade front sight and notched rear sight sit atop the snubbie barrel and frame, measuring 7.95” long, 4.86” tall and 1.5” wide.

Like the Colts, the Barkeep is ejector-less, but should the need arise to use the revolver during a rowdy game of poker, an ejector pin with turned wood handle featuring Heritage’s “H” logo is provided to expel spent casings before reloading and dealing a new hand.

MSRP for the Heritage Barkeep is $180.30⁠–189.39, depending on grips.


Manufacturer: Heritage Mfg.
Model: Barkeep
Action: Hammer-Fired, SAO
Caliber: .22LR
Capacity: 6
Frame: Black Oxide / Case-Hardened
Grips: Scroll Wood / Gray Pearl
Sights: Fixed
Dimensions (L/W/H): 7.95″/1.5″/4.86″
Barrel: 2″
MSRP: $180.30 / $189.39

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