Cimarron Honors Lawman Bat Masterson with Frontier Revolver


Cimarron has honored famous hunter, lawman and journalist Bat Masterson with a new engraved revolver.

By his death in 1921, Bartholomew William Barclay “Bat” Masterson had been an accomplished buffalo hunter, U.S. Army scout, lawman, gambler and sports journalist, famous for his gunfighting in Dodge City, Kan., time served as a Theodore Roosevelt-appointed deputy U.S. Marshal and association with prizefighting and boxing.

A man connected to important people, places and events of the Wild West, Cimarron Firearms has released a special edition revolver honoring Bat Masterson and his frontier lifestyle.

Aong the scrollwork is "W.B. Bat Masterson” engraved on the revolver's nickel backstrap.

Working with Italian replica and historical firearm manufacturer, Pietta Firearms, Cimarron used photos of Masterson’s favored revolver to recreate a 5.5” Frontier single-action chambered in .45 Colt.

Featuring simulated ivory grips, a squared front sight and full-length ejector rod, the stainless finish revolver is laser engraved from frame to barrel with floral and swirling scrollwork, including “W.B. Bat Masterson” on the nickel backstrap.

MSRP for the Bat Masterson Laser Engraved Frontier 5.5″ .45 Colt is $973.70.

And for those who prefer the “real thing,” Bat Masterson’s Colt Single Action Army revolver with holster rig will be auctioned off through Rock Island Auction later this month for an estimated price between $250,000–375,000.

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