The .357 SuperMag chambered in the Dan Wesson heavy frame revolver is generally regarded by experienced silhouetters as the finest revolver cartridge for long range silhouetting.

The SuperMag concept was a simple one. Instead of going to a big bore for silhouettes, stretch the .357 Magnum case to 1.610" and use 180-200 grain bullets at the same muzzle velocities attained by the .357 Magnum using 158 grain bullets. Though the concept was simple, carrying it out was not. It was more than a matter of chambering an existing revolver for the new cartridge — stretching the case to 1.610" also meant elongating revolver frames and cylinders. This is no simple task and certainly required a large investment in time, money and engineering.

Many silhouetters had found the original Magnum lacking in knockdown power on stubborn 60-pound rams. When the weather conditions were wet and cold or a strong wind was coming against the back of the targets, the .357 also met its match in many a pig. The .357 SuperMag gave big-bore knockdown power with smallbore recoil.