Whistle While You Work

Some gun build projects require enough support equipment to manufacture an operational spacecraft along with an advanced engineering degree. Not so the GST-9. The $750 kit includes everything but the jig, tool kit and slide rails. The $30 jig kit includes the other stuff, but the BATF won’t let them sell it in the same box with the pistol parts.

I actually built two of these guns for this project. The first I used basic power tools — a modest drill press and a Dremel tool. The second I finished out without using electricity. This meant a hacksaw blade, a pair of wire cutters, a small round rasp, a coarse file, a spot of sandpaper and a most remarkable hand drill.

I once used this very tool to bore a hole through a man’s skull. He had recently suffered a fairly impressive motor vehicle crash and was in no shape to complain. The hole in his skull emergently relieved the pressure on his brain and saved his life.

This disposable burr hole craniotomy set included the niftiest little hand drill. I couldn’t bring myself to discard such an awesome tool, so I scrubbed it down, ran it through the autoclave, and have used it for more than 20 years for minor chores. With nothing more than that simple drill and a few hand tools, you can craft what is arguably the world’s coolest polymer-framed handgun.