Franklin Armory Reformation


We all know SBRs (Short Barrel Rifle) are handy and convenient, along with being top-tier cool on the fun scale … but they have one drawback. Their National Firearms Act (NFA) classification requires a tax stamp, and can take up to a year to acquire depending on ATF’s backlog.

The folks at Franklin Armory have done a big favor for people like you and me, who appreciate the “finer” things in life, by studying ATF regulations and they’ve come up with a way to avoid the burdensome tax stamp. Franklin Armory built us a firearm, with a twist — or should I say with “no twist” — falling between classifications and making it perfectly legal to own, shoot and enjoy.

What Is It?

In laymen’s terms, the Reformation is a non-NFA, short-barreled, shoulder- stocked, legal with a forward vertical grip, non-NFA SBS, non-tax stamp required firearm. Huh? How?

Franklin Armory’s Reformation barrel technology does not impart spin on the projectile, meaning it doesn’t meet the criteria for “rifling” as defined by ATF. Before you blow a gasket, Franklin Armory has also developed “fin and flare” stabilized projectile and ammunition technology capable of sub-MOA performance in Reformation barrels. They’ve also safely tested shelf ammo in a Reformation barrel and regularly achieved 3.5″ MOA at 100 yards with white-box ammo.

In August 2017, ATF Firearms Technology-Industry Services Branch classified the Reformation as a non-rifle, non-shotgun. Upon examination of a 7.5″ barreled Reformation variant with a forward vertical grip in November of 2018, ATF again concluded the Reformation is not a firearm regulated under the National Firearms Act.

Long And Short Of It

The Reformation RS7 is a 7.5″-barreled variant of the firearm. It is built with many custom features and it’s ready to go right out of the box. From the awesome Triumvir muzzle device, to the Franklin Armory Factory BFSIII trigger to the Magpul SL-K Stock, you’ll appreciate the quality and pricing this model affords.

Other features include Magpul MBUS sights, salt bath nitride bolt carrier and custom tuned trigger. It has a carbine length gas system and low-profile gas block. The RS7 is available in 5.56 caliber. Prices start at $1,179.99.

The Reformation RS11 comes with an 11.5″ barrel and is equipped with an adjustable stock, low profile gas system and Magpul sights, and is available in three different colors.

The bolt carrier is salt bath nitride finished and trigger is offered with BFSIII or factory custom tuned. The RS11 comes in .300 BLK and prices start at $1,659.99.

So, unless you’re a stamp collector, there’s no need to get one for the Franklin Armory Reformation rifles.

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