Huh? What?

So what happened to all your good pre-auction intentions? It’s simple — you concentrated on price, and lost sight of value. The real question here is what’s the actual value of your rare WWII Japanese carbine? Not as much as you might think. If you really needed to cash it out quickly, what’s its realistic liquidity factor? If you took it to a pawn shop, getting over $500 for it might be very difficult. And the cash a gun shop would give you for it probably wouldn’t be much different, considering the limited demand for such a specialized item. Moral to this auction purchase? This lot is almost impossible to resell and you will probably never get your money back.

Would it have been the same situation if you had purchased the pair of Colt SAAs instead? The answer is definitely not. Even a pawn shop might take them in at $3,000, strictly because of the notoriety and proven long-term investment performance of this make/model(s). With a demand factor this strong, the price you could get may not be that much different than what you paid when the final hammer dropped.