Home — For A Time

“I got involved in competitive pistol shooting at Quantico and sent my Colt to the factory to have it tuned up. New barrel, new sights, new grips. They really did a fine job. After about a year of practice, I could hold my own against any of the Marines. I must have fired at least 5,000 rounds through that pistol. Probably more.”

I was in college when he was sent to Viet Nam. He was a colonel and in command of an air wing of F-4 Phantoms.

“That war was a mess. You never knew who was your enemy and who was your friend. Turned out my barber was a Viet Cong officer. I was more concerned about getting shot on the ground than I was about getting shot in the air, so I carried my Colt everywhere. I even slept with it.”