Standard & Performance

I was fortunate during my shooting evaluation to have the company of one of my fellow instructors from the days when I taught License to Carry classes every week. Sal Castilleja is a Marine who did his 20 years active duty, then more time in Iraq as a civilian operator until he was medically retired thanks to an IED. I love teaching with Sal because of his military experience as an instructor in handguns, personal defense and long-range rifle shooting. When you teach something to a Marine, you know how to break things down into simple, easy-to-remember steps that will come back to them in very intense situations. Sal has adapted his skills to the civilian population and is a pleasure to work with.

Our friends at Vista Outdoors provided us with a nice selection of 9mm ammo with which to enjoy shooting the Performance Center Ported Shield. Besides the new American Eagle Syntech rounds in 115 and 124 grains, we had Federal HST 124-gr. JHP, Federal Train and Protect 115-gr. JHP and 124-gr. Gold Dot JHP.

In side-by-side lanes on the range with Sal holding the 2.0 Ported Shield and me holding the original Shield, we each loaded five of the same type round, shot all five rounds, then swapped guns, loaded the same type of ammo and fired five rounds. Starting with the synthetic rounds, we repeated the exercise until we each had fired five rounds of each type of ammo in each of the two guns.