New on Hellcat RDP models is an optional ambidextrous manual thumb safety with a low-profile design and a Gen 2 trigger, recontoured for enhanced ergonomics and comfort with no change in trigger pull weight. (Side note: Standard and OSP Hellcat models are now available with the new manual thumb safety and all Hellcat variants will now feature the Gen 2 trigger.) But, it’s the new compensator and optic that make the RDP truly special.

Unlike the standard model’s 3” barrel, the Hellcat RDP fires from a longer 3.8” hammer-forged steel barrel threaded 1/2x28” for a proprietary Self Indexing Compensator. Machined from hardcoat anodized 8082 aluminum, the compensator is designed with three vents to direct gases upward, resulting in downward pressure on the muzzle to reduce muzzle rise for better control and rapid follow-up shots.

Installing and removing the compensator is quick and easy, requiring no tools or shims. Simply remove the slide assembly, compress the lever on the underside of the compensator and thread it on/off the barrel, following the necessary steps as the compensator properly times itself.

With the addition of the compensator, the Hellcat RDP measures 7” long — one-inch longer than standard models — requiring use of an RDP model-specific holster or one with a more open bottom. And if you're an existing Hellcat owner, Springfield currently has no plan to offer the new threaded barrel and compensator separately.