Red Dot Reduction For A Ruger Single-Six


There’s no doubt about it, kids love electronics and my daughter Samantha was proof of it…

This story was nine years in the making. After going out west to Idaho for the first time in 2009, I wanted to share the beauty with my daughter, as well as seeing my buddies again. So during the summer of 2010, we went for a visit.

It just so happened Dick and Steve were hosting a ladies shoot where they introduced women to shooting and safe gun handling, while exposing them to different types of guns.


Here’s Samantha’s modified Ruger Single-Six after coming home from Idaho.

Ladies Night

There was a large array of handguns in every shape, size and style. Semi-autos and revolvers were well represented. The guns were spread out on large, overturned wooden cable spools doubling as tables. The women were hesitant at first, but curiosity and seeing other women shoot made all of them want to give it a try.


Here’s the replacement Firefield Impact Mini reflex sight.

Samantha Sees The Light

Samantha was pretty well versed in shooting by now, at age 12. Handguns, rifles, and semi-auto pistols, she had shot them all. Dick has a S&W 617 with a red-dot sight mounted on it and Samantha was drawn to it like a bat on a bug. Never seeing one before, Dick explained what it was and why he used it in competition. His explanation didn’t matter; Samantha just liked it for the “cool” factor.

Samantha commandeered the gun for the rest of the night, shooting past dark, knocking over the rack of steel plates with practically every shot. She burned through a pile of ammo as Dick and I chuckled at her ferocity. “Looks like you need to get Samantha a 617 with red-dot sight for Christmas,” Dick laughed.

We finished the night with a memorable meal of cheeseburgers and milkshakes at the Artic Circle.


Look at he size difference! The Weigand base needs a trim, don’t you think?

The Hunt

So the hunt began for Samantha’s S&W 617 and a red dot sight. Those guns are pretty pricey and I told Samantha so. She responded, “Dad, I already have my gun, I just want a sight like Dick’s.” Samantha was referring to the Ruger New Model stainless Single-Six I had given her a few years back.

Dumbstruck, I was amazed at her common sense, making this hunt easier on my wallet now. A red dot sight and Weigand No-Drill base were ordered for Christmas. We quickly mounted the sight, giving the single-action sixgun a modern, if not mismatched sight. I had to admit though, it was fun to shoot. Besides, Samantha loved shooting her red dot single-action .22.

Daddy/Daughter Shoot

The years roll by and suddenly Samantha is in college and wanting to go shooting before going back for her spring semester. We pack the guns and off we go, always shooting plenty of .22’s during these pleasure plinking bonding sessions.

After shooting all my center-fire ammo up, I start in on the .22’s. Shooting Samantha’s Ruger 10-22, I was really enjoying myself. I’m always surprised at how accurate it is, even when shooting bulk ammo.

Next up I start on Samantha’s TruGlo mounted single-six. I’ve got to admit, it’s fun and easy on the eyes to use the red dot sight. My groups are noticeably tighter and my eyes appreciate the easy aiming sight.


Mean, lean and clean, the new red-dot plinker is ready to go!

Red Dot Reduxe

Having put a Reflex Sight on an AR pistol I recently built, the gears in my head were turning. Being a frugal sort, well… okay, a cheapskate, I knew of a red dot sight for $50 and it would be shipped to me from Amazon in two days.

Made by Firefield, it has a 5 MOA dot with four different brightness levels, all at the push of a button. Called the “Impact Mini” it fit on the Weigand rail and was a breeze to mount. Thinking I was finished with the reduction, the Weigand base was now noticeably long.

Using the only gun shop machines I trust myself with, a hacksaw and file, quick work was made of the base reduction. I even gave the base a stylish undercut edge, at least that’s the story I’m sticking with!

This is a quick, cheap (frugal) way to put a smaller red dot sight on a favorite shooter, plinker, competition shooter or hunting handgun.


It was getting late while I zeroed in the Firefield Impact Mini. With a few turns of the provided screwdriver, I was dialed in. Time quickly went by as I continued shooting, until being consumed by darkness. Yeah, red dot sights are cool!

Sometimes we can learn a bit from our kids, we just need to listen. I brought dinner home for my wife and I consisting of cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Smiling contentedly as we ate, I was thinking the thoughts of a satisfied Dad.