The grips are well designed and will fit most hands quite well. Consistent with the weather beating revolver finish, the grips are black pebble grained rubber with finger grooves and provide a secure and comfortable feeling. I found it interesting the grip screw is not one long screw going all the way through, but rather each grip panel has its own screw and is completely supported by the abbreviated grip frame. This is also an excellent idea. If you install custom wooden stocks, there’s no danger of tightening a grip screw to the point of cracking the grip panel.

These sixguns are traditional DA, meaning you can fire them simply pulling the trigger or, if for a more precise shot, by cocking the hammer first. The trigger can be advertised as “smooth” in two ways. First, the face of the trigger is smooth with no irritating grooves or checkering, and this is matched up with a smooth SA pull, measuring 4 lbs. on my Brownells Trigger Gauge. The DA pull for each measured 12.5 lbs.

Since these revolvers are K-Frame size, I went into my accumulation of leather coming up with a home crafted thumb break design I made years ago for my Combat Magnum and a Safariland basket weave finished holster with a traditional safety strap. Both provide comfortable carry and security.

While one might consider these sixguns quite heavy, even with self-defense .22 Magnum ammunition, they are easy-to-use revolvers with virtually no recoil. Hollowpoint .22 Long Rifle ammunition should not be overlooked, especially for those who are recoil sensitive. When the .22 Long Rifle version is loaded with such cartridges as the CCI Mini-Mag +V hollow points it’s also a possibility for defensive use with no concern for recoil.