Ruger Custom Shop
Super GP100

A Super 9mm Competition Revolver

Priced at workingman wages since their inception over 70 years ago, Ruger has provided us with a slew of rugged and reliable guns. To show us what they are really capable of, last year they opened a custom shop to produce high-end performance guns designed with input from select engineers and top professionals in the fields of competitive shooting, hunting and self-defense.

The Ruger Custom Shop delivers “Custom Quality” out-of-the-box performance sure to put a smile on the most demanding shooter’s face, at a price far less than from a custom gunsmith.

Super Competitor

On the heels of the blued Custom Shop .357 Magnum Competition Revolver, Ruger has released a stainless-steel version in 9mm — the Super GP100 Competition Revolver. This 8-shot revolver utilizes moon clips for competition-speed reloads and sports machined racing stripes on the barrel shroud, making it look as good it shoots.

The short triple-locking cylinder locks into the frame at the front, rear and bottom and provides positive alignment and dependable lock-up for upmost accuracy. The extensively fluted stainless-steel cylinder shaves weight and has a PVD finish for enhanced durability, ease of extraction and contrasting looks.

Both the cylinder and extractor are milled for the moon clips, with the ejector and chamber mouths chamfered to assist in loading. A moon clip unloading tool is included with the revolver.

The cold hammer-forged barrel features ultra-precise rifling for top-rate accuracy. The stylishly cut barrel shroud is contoured for the 6″ half-lug barrel with an 11-degree target crown.

All internal components are polished and optimized for smoothness, while the trigger-centering boss, along with the centering shims on the hammer, enable a fluid double-action trigger pull with a crisp and consistent let-off. The two-spring lock work of the Super Redhawk is used for a more even double-action cycle and consistent ignition. A transfer bar safety assures firing is only possible when trigger is pressed.

An easily replaceable fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight with white outlined notch offer a wonderful sight picture and fast target acquisition. The beautiful Hogue hardwood stocks are hand-finished for a smooth feel, and a variety of custom grips are also available for easy installation.

The revolver weighs in at 45.6 oz., and has an overall length of 11″.

Super Craftsmanship

The bold looking Super GP100 Competition Revolver may not be for everyone (not everyone drives a Porsche), but considering the level of craftsmanship from the Ruger Custom Shop, an MSPR of $1,549 is a considerable value for those on a Volkswagen budget.

For more info:, Ph: (336) 949-5200

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