Making Smoke

I fired some 200 rounds through the 5151, including 255-grain semi-wadcutters and 250-grain semi-jacketed hollowpoints from DoubleTap ammunition, as well as handloads of mixed bullet type, provenance and quality. As expected, there were zero malfunctions, and recoil was surprisingly mild. The semi-wadcutters recoiled noticeably more than the hollow point rounds, but neither was unpleasant. The birdshead grip is significantly smaller than the traditional sixgun handle, but I had no trouble hanging on to it. Recoil seemed to drive the gun directly back into the palm instead of flipping the muzzle up, but that’s only based on the way it felt to me; your mileage may vary. I was able to shoot groups in the 31/2" range at 25 yards, but most of this is probably limited by the bright stainless sights. With darker sights, which are easier to align, the gun is capable of tighter groups.