Stoeger STR-9 9mm Pistol — Protection You Can Afford


Stoeger 9mm

While Sam Colt’s sixgun was the tool that made men equal, affordable polymer-framed striker-fired pistols are the instruments of choice for today’s consumer who wants to neutralize nefarious ne’er-do-wells. Why the transformation? Because they work!

More Bang For Your Buck

Others may scoff at budget-based boomers, but I’ve always enjoyed shooting for cheap, be it handloaded ammunition, or a gun at the bottom of the price chain. As long as they’re reliable, it’s all that matters. Inexpensive ammo and guns allow us to shoot more, and that’s a good thing, right?

This has been Stoeger Industries’ motto since their inception in 1924: affordable quality that works! Growing up I saw many Stoeger shotguns knock down quite a few critters and clay birds, and I don’t remember any of them ever malfunctioning.

This year Stoeger decided to get back into the pistol market by releasing the STR-9.

Stoeger 9mm

Bare Bone Basic

The STR-9 is roughly the size of a GLOCK 19. The barrel is 4.17" with an overall length of 7.44". Weight is 1.5 lbs. and magazine capacity is 15+1. Safety features include an integral trigger safety and loaded chamber indicator. The magazine release is reversible, sights are three-dot dovetail and the finish is black nitride.

The steel slide has bold, ruggedly handsome serrations fore and aft, promoting a positive grip for slide manipulation. The polymer frame is railed providing a simple solution for light/laser accessories.

The grip angle affords a low bore axis — a boring way of saying when you shoot the gun the muzzle flip and recoil will be less and allow faster follow-up shots. Subtle finger-grip grooves and a hand-filling palm swell make the gun feel, well, swell while shooting.

Stoeger 9mm

Triple-Play Picks

The STR-9 comes in three models. The basic comes with one 15- round magazine and one backstrap and has an MSRP of $329. The next version comes with three magazines, three backstraps and an MSRP of $389. Lastly, the versions with three magazine, three backstraps and Tritium sights have an MSRP of $449. That’s a lot of value in price ranges suitable for varying budgets.

Summarily Speaking

The Stoeger STR-9 is a great gun whether you’re a beginner or grey-bearded gunner. Suitable for personal carry, home defense or just having fun at the range, the affordable price makes it very attractive for budget-minded blasters. Heck, at this price buy two for the convenience factor of having designated guns for different parts of the house, shop or vehicle. Stoeger makes it easy!

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