Attitude Adjustment

It didn’t take long to appreciate the Performance Center tuned action. After all, this is a hand-fitted, hand-tuned revolver and the action is smooth and slick. I’m thinking if you wanted to lighten the DA a bit, you could have the work done, but in all honesty, once I got shooting, I didn’t notice any issues at all. I loaded a truck full of 9mm ammo and headed for the range to see how this finely tuned revolver performed.

During the testing phase, with my shooting buddy John, we launched a variety of bullet weights from Winchester, Federal, Black Hills, HPR, Hornady’s Critical Defense and DoubleTap. From previous 9mm evaluations I’ve been fond of American Eagle Syntech ammo — the stuff looking like red lipstick. Their 115-gr. load is clean burning and developed specifically for range work. It’s designed to reduce fouling, using a high-tech polymer bullet coating — giving it the lipstick appearance. Most of the range work found 115-gr. FMJ bullets from all manufacturers to work well, but those 77-gr. lead-free hollow point bullets in the DoubleTap line are serious contenders for personal safety.