Taurus 942 & Defender 856

A New Dynamic Duo

Since their inception, and later introduction to the U.S. market in 1968, Taurus has led the way in affordable, reliable firearms. Staying true to their reputation, Taurus announced two new revolvers at the 2020 SHOT Show sure to make budget-minded concealed carriers and wheelgunners grin — the 942 and Defender 856.

Taurus 942

The new 942 is an 8-shot single/double-action revolver chambered for your choice of .22 LR or .22 WMR ammunition.

Weighing just 23.6 oz., the lightweight and low-recoiling revolver is perfect for concealed carry, while the 8-shot cylinder provides plenty of firepower between reloads. The 942 also makes a great recreational plinker, close-range pest control shooter and cheap trainer.

The rimfire revolver features a transfer bar safety and finely tuned trigger; comfortable rubber grips ensure solid purchase for most hand sizes and an adjustable rear sight paired with a ramped front post provide a classic sight picture for shooting.

Besides being an eight-shooter, the Taurus 942 is also available in eight different models, including two barrel sizes — 2″ and 3″ — and four finishes: a steel alloy frame and cylinder with matte black finish, a stainless-steel frame and cylinder in matte finish, an ultralight aluminum alloy frame in hard coat black anodized finish and an ultralight aluminum alloy frame in stainless matte finish.

MSRP is $369.52–$384.97, depending on model.

Taurus Defender 856

Available in six different models with different finishes and grips to fit concealed carry needs, in its basic form the Defender 856 is a 3″ barreled, 6-shot, .38 Special +P revolver.

Combining its 3″ barrel, .38 Special +P chambering, 35-oz. weight, night sights, ergonomic grips and extended ejector rod, the Defender 856 is an easy-to-conceal package delivering exceptional value and peace of mind.

The Defender 856 comes in four standard models, including a stainless-steel frame with matte finish, a stainless-steel frame with black tenifer finish, an ultralight aluminum frame with matte finish and an aluminum alloy frame with hard coat black anodized finish.

Taurus also offers two upgraded models featuring special grips and finish treatments. A two-tone matte stainless model comes with a black matte cylinder and aggressively textured VZ grip in matching gray and black, while the second is finished in Tungsten Cerakote with a stylish Altamont walnut grip.

MSRP is $429–$477, depending on model.

So, there you have it — two new revolvers in two different calibers in several variants at affordable prices to satisfy carry and wheelgunning needs.

For more info: www.taurususa.com , Ph: (800) 327-3776

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