Care And Feeding

There’s a nifty feature for takedown and field stripping. Rather than clutter up the already compact surface of the gun with more controls, you’ll notice an inset flathead “screw” on the right side of the frame, just forward of the trigger. That’s the takedown “lever.” Using a flathead screwdriver or some other handy object like a dime, turn the bar almost 180° counterclockwise. This releases the slide from the frame. You will need to press the trigger during the process, so exercise all normal caution. As field stripping is an administrative function, I am fine with this tradeoff and appreciate the lack of extra gear on the frame. So, unlike most semi-autos, the GX4 T.O.R.O. has only two movable controls on its frame, not counting the trigger — the magazine release button and the slide lock.

Once you remove the slide, things will look familiar. The recoil spring is a dual captive design, so no flying parts to worry about. You’ll also notice the interior steel “infrastructure” or chassis is longer than you might expect. This is another deliberate feature intended to add strength to the polymer frame and control flex during firing.