There’s a new term making its way through the industry — “standard industry cut.” As there’s a good chance you don’t yet know what that means — I didn’t — it’s a standard term for “GLOCK compatible” dovetail sight cuts.

That’s a smart move on the part of the Taurus. There are so many aftermarket sights on the market right now to fit GLOCK pistols you will have a plethora of choice should you want to upgrade the factory sights. Don’t get me wrong, the sights that come on the GX4 are just fine. There is a standard white dot up front. It mounts through the slide with a small screw like a GLOCK. The rear sight is blacked out with horizontal separations to reduce glare and features a square notch. There is no pressing need to upgrade the sights on this gun unless you want something more colorful like a fiber-optic or night compatible like a Tritium filled version.