I’ll give you some additional specs and a little more info behind all the engineering in just a bit. First, let me give you some additional insight into my initial experience with the gun. I picked up the TX22 at my FFL, a local gun store and range, and marched right out to the range to shoot it. The gun was covered in packing oil but I wiped off the excess with my winter cap, did a quick function check, loaded it up and fired away. No cleaning, no other prep. I put 100 rounds of ELEY .22LR through the gun in no time, alternating between the Target and Match versions of the ammo. I tried to be slow and deliberate but between the ease of loading, ease of shooting, and the perfect performance of feeding, firing, and ejecting spent brass, I blew through it all pretty quick.

I had some help from the range officer, a veteran with 22 years of shooting experience in the military. He put about 32 of the rounds down range, ending with a big smile and this comment: “Now that’s a nice target shooting gun!” He tended to the duties of the range but kept coming back to my station to check it further and talk about it more. I think he was hooked.