From training new shooters to keeping pesky varmint at bay, shooting on a budget to ringing steel in competition, the .22 LR is a small, but versatile cartridge. Popularized in long guns, the rimfire round has also become a source of fun for handgunners of all disciplines thanks to its easy shooting, accurate and affordable nature. Seeking to match those characteristics, Taurus debuted the semi-auto, polymer TX22 in 2019, setting a new standard for out-of-the-box rimfire pistols.

Now for 2021, the budget-friendly, performance pistol has been upgraded with the introduction of the new TX22 Competition. Still a full-size, striker-fired handgun built on an ergonomic and lightweight polymer frame with accessory Picatinny underrail and crisp single-action trigger, the new features of the TX22 Competition can be seen on its fixed barrel and optics-ready slide.