More Learning

Now my concern was the load data posted was too light. I loaded more rounds with the same data to see if I could replicate the problem. I was very deliberate, just in case my first loads happened to have less than 1.6 grains of powder. I checked my Redding balance beam scale with check weights to make sure it was reading correctly. I hand weighed every charge of HP-38. The Nosler bullet I was using was seated to 0.975" as per the load info.

I used mixed cases and Remington 1-1/2 primers, like my original handloads. The website used Remington cases and WSP primers, but my reasoning is if the load is appropriate, it shouldn‘t matter what cases or primers are used. If the load is that sensitive it requires a specific brand of brass and primer, then it’s certainly borderline and not safe.

Off to the range again! The first and second shots from the MC14 functioned properly; the bullet exited and the gun cycled. The third shot hit me with that familiar gas blast. The bullet was stuck in the barrel. I hammered it out and tried two more shots. Shot #4 was fine, but shot #5 was stuck again. Adding up all the rounds fired, three of six rounds produced a stuck bullet. I sent a message to the load data website with my results.

The critical information here is the gun cycled every time, even with the bullets that stuck. Each “pop” threw gas in my face, but the spent case ejected and the next round was loaded into the chamber. So, in three out of three incidents where the bullet was stuck in the barrel, the gun cycled normally. This is as dangerous as it gets.