Let’s Do This

Why on earth did this concept ever die out? What if a company good with polymer — just about every one of them these days — drummed-up an injection molded frame with integral grips? CNC a barrel from a casting, stamp out the other bits and presto, you’d have a $150 trail .22 — and you’d sell a zillion of them. I’d buy the first three or four and keep one in each of my ranch vehicles here. Over the years I’ve discovered, for “working” guns, a single shot is fine, and safer than repeaters to boot. Heck, you could do them in .22 Magnum, .380 even, but just a simple .22 LR would do the job just fine.

Now’s the time to stomp your feet and write your favorite maker. Are you with me on this? I’ll do what I can at my end to shout and twist some arms. Consider the gauntlet thrown down, eh? Ruger, Springfield Armory, Mossberg ... are you guys listening?