Colt Takes Advantage

S&W destroyed the finest double-action shooting sixgun ever to accommodate target shooters. Meanwhile Colt was seeking to make their Officers Model Match .38 Special an even better target pistol. The action was specially tuned and polished and a new heavy barrel was designed. Up to this time all Colt DA revolvers had an ejector rod sticking out in front of the frame, noticeably unprotected from damage. This new Target .38 featured a ribbed heavy barrel with a full length under lug, enclosing the ejector rod.

The whole idea resulted in a very heavy, too heavy at 31/2 lbs., for target shooting — beautiful revolver. Colt changed directions and instead of a .38 Special for target shooters, reduced some of the weight by ventilating the rib and milling out the slot for the jector rod even more, deciding this would make a great .357 Magnum.