Tactical Attributes

The American Competition is a striker-fired, polymer-framed combat handgun sporting the same monotonously reliable trigger pull from first to last. Three interchangeable grip modules optimize the gun for your particular anatomy. Swapping out grip modules involves nothing more than twisting an Allen screw a quarter turn.

The 5" stainless steel black nitride barrel sports a 1:16 twist. This bore geometry is optimized for inexpensive blasting bullets, though it also drives the serious social sort quite nicely as well. The slide is skeletonized for extra cool points. The front sight sports a fiber optic light tube, while the rear sight is serrated and easily adjustable for windage and elevation.

The top of the slide deck is cut and tapped to directly mount a variety of micro red dots. The slide includes generous gripping grooves both front and rear. There is an access port allowing you to assess the state of the chamber at a glance.

The slide stop is replicated on both sides, and the magazine catch is a legitimate bilateral push button. Takedown is a dream without tools, and the trigger need not be squeezed to do so. This may seem a small thing, but I am personally acquainted with five sordid episodes wherein L.E. officers experienced negligent discharges because of stuff like this. Each was undeniably a training failure, but I personally like the fact the trigger is not part of the disassembly process.

The Teflon-coated stainless steel 17-round magazine is as splendid as mankind can contrive, and the gun comes with two. There is a scant taper at the base of the grip to assist with removal in the unlikely circumstance a mag gets sticky. The grip is aggressively textured for proper purchase even when sweaty, rushed, or terrified. The dust cover is railed for accessories.