Umarex P08 Air Pistol

CO2 Powered BB Luger Look-Alike

The right side of the P08 shows great detail and could easily be mistaken
for a “real” Luger with a casual glance.

It can’t be marketed as a “Luger”— I think the Stoeger company still has the US Copyright on that name. So it’s a “P08” or “Parabellum”. In casual conversation, though, the rest of us are still going to say “Luger”. Made in Taiwan for Umarex, as part of their “Legends” series, it’s a marvelous reproduction. CO2-powered, it uses ordinary steel BB’s.

The attention to detail is outstanding. Comparing it to my treasured DWM 1923 Commercial, it even feels the same in the hand. Pushing the button allows removal of the slim magazine holding up to 21 BB’s. The manual safety, moved down and back to on-safe position, displays the word “GESICHERT” — which, if you’ve ever wondered, translates to “Secured”.

The trigger action is interesting. Pulled straight through, it’s double-action. However, depressed slowly, it will “set” for a single-action pull. All of the other parts — toggle, takedown latch and so on — are cosmetic only. And, as noted, beautifully done. The weight is 24 ounces, very close to the 30-ounce real Luger.

The right grip tips off for access to the CO2 unit.

The BB magazine holds about 21 BB’s and can be fired semi-auto, just like the real deal.

A Close Clone

The other numbers are also practically identical. Overall length is 81/2″, height 51/2″ and barrel length 43/5″. The non-adjustable sights are a slightly-tapered front and a V-notch rear. For steel BB’s, the barrel is, of course, a smoothbore.

With this in mind, I set up the Champion VisiShot target at around 15′. With a 2-hand hold, and “setting” the trigger for each shot, it did well. The first 5-shot group was well-centered, and measured 2″. And this was in my backyard, without having to drive five miles to the Big Tree range! Delightful!

The well-written manual is full of warnings to take heed. Wear eye protection, of course, as BB’s can bounce back. And, of equal importance, be careful about displaying this airgun in public — it looks exactly like a real Luger. Also, at 410 fps velocity, it’s definitely not a toy. Finally, at a suggested retail of $68.50, it’s a real bargain.

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