Practical Use

The “EDC” in this pistol’s name stands for Every Day Carry, and I took it at its word. I carried the test gun for six days from when I got dressed in the morning to when I undressed for bed. Depending on what else I was wearing, holsters were a Mitch Rosen belt scabbard for a Government Model and an IWB classic Milt Sparks Summer Special for a Colt Commander. Both held the EDC X9 secure and yielded it quickly to the drawing hand.

Half of one day was inside the waistband against bare skin beneath an untucked polo shirt. Why half a day? Because the grip cuts are so aggressive it felt as if the pistol was trying to take flesh and blood samples off me for DNA testing. With the shirt tucked in, the discomfort disappeared. It felt about like carrying a Lightweight Commander with a fatter grip so no surprise there.

I used the EDC X9 for the Pace-Setter at a class I taught in Texas where the staff demonstrates the qualification course before the students shoot it. To make a long story short, the EDC X9 ran fine. The soft recoil, the sweet trigger, the fast reloads afforded by the combination of the tapered-top magazine and the Wilson’s wide magazine feedway, and using the green dot instead of the post in notch sight silhouette all came together.