Wrangle The Rainbow


The Ruger Wrangler revolver is now available in 12 different colored finishes.

Take a look around your local firearm dealer or your own safe and I’m willing to bet most of the guns you see are in hues of black, gray and brown. After all, these are the colors of polymer, steel and wood, the foundation of firearms for centuries.

In more recent years, natural tones like Flat Dark Earth and OD Green have become popular options offered by firearm and accessory manufacturers fueled by consumer demands, but the use of “untraditional” colors remains a bone of contention in the gun community. However, the use of color — whether by way of the factory or aftermarket finishing services — remains nothing more than a means of personalization.

For those not averse to color or who simply want to make a statement on the range, the popular rimfire single-action Ruger Wrangler is now available in a dozen color options fit for any wheelgunner.

The Wrangler was initially launched in Black, Silver & Burnt Bronze Cerakote.

Wrangler Exclusives

Launched in 2019, the Ruger Wrangler was initially offered with Black, Silver and Burnt Bronze Cerakote frames, all accented by black grips and cylinders with a silver hammer. Soon after, Ruger partnered with various firearm distributors to create exclusive models in a variety of colors.

Ruger Wrangler TALO Exclusive, Cobalt Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler Davidson's Exclusives, Plum Brown (left) & Dark Earth (right) Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler RSR Group Exclusive, OD Green Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler Bill Hicks Exclusive, Crushed Orchid Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler Lipsey's Exclusives, Midnight Bronze (left) & Tungsten (right) Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler Sports South Exclusive, Stone Gray Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler Big Rock Sports Exclusive, Black Cherry Cerakote

Only different cosmetically, all Wrangler models are built on an aluminum alloy frame with a 4.62” barrel featuring 6-round .22 LR cylinders and an integral rear sight with bladed front. The revolvers measure 10.25” long and weigh in at an even 30 oz. The lone difference among the models is from TALO Distributors, which sports hardwood grips instead of the checkered synthetic kind.

With a dozen colors to choose from, how will you wrangle the rainbow?

For more info: ruger.com