CrossBreed OutRider Modular Holster


CrossBreed Holsters has expanded its OutRider leather holster lineup with the introduction of the all-new OutRider Modular Holster.

The OutRider series is CrossBreed’s only full-leather, multi-fit holster designed to accommodate a wide range of handgun sizes and configurations. Made of premium leather to withstand daily use, the OutRider is now offered in a modular design to expand carry options beyond the belt.

The new OutRider Modular Holster is made with the same quality leather, reinforced stitching, and hand-crafted construction as the original OutRider OWB holster. The difference is it includes a hook-and-loop backing that allows mounting to CrossBreed’s Modular Systems for off-body carry in packs and purses or stationary mounting in the home, in vehicles, and more. This system lets the user carry their firearm in situations where on-body carry may not be the optimal solution.

Additionally, the OutRider Modular Holster is engineered to accommodate an extensive range of firearms including subcompact, compact, and even select full-sized handguns. It’s offered in right- or left-hand draw and comes in brown or black leather.

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