Dog School

So, what can we learn from our furry, four-legged family members? A lot! Here’s a few things I picked up from my pack over the years … Whenever you’re outside, be friendly, outgoing, well-mannered and gracious, but constantly scan your surroundings for any possible threats. When seeing a potential threat, make eye contact. Don’t be afraid to bare your teeth, if necessary!

Keep track of your loved ones. When something doesn’t feel right, readjust, giving yourself the advantage. Look out the front door before exiting, sniffing the air, to see what’s going on or who might be outside. Be protective of your comfort zone.

If someone encroaches your space, raise your hackles and bark! Look for back-up! If someone bowls you over, get up and never stop fighting. Never travel alone if you can help it. Stay with the pack, it’s safer!