Gun Rights: Gun Lies Matter


When historians look back on these columns and this magazine, they will be astonished at the degree of freedom we enjoyed with firearms and accessories — widely available at modest costs. As you know, you can buy unlimited supplies of ammunition (assuming you can find it under the supply-chain problems arbitrarily or deliberately created by current administrations). There is no limit to the number of guns you can own. True, you can’t legally purchase anything over .50 caliber (except shotguns), and some gun types (full-autos, for example) are hard to find, strictly limited and exorbitantly priced. But basically, we’re doing pretty well as an armed society.

Weaponized Myths

Yet as we look at it today, we are troubled by the degree to which anti-rights people attack our ability and our freedoms with myths, hoaxes and nonsense. Incrementally, they eat out our substance. Every one of their proposals and plans are clever ways, frequently disguised, to remove fundamental freedoms. If the media paid half as much attention to criminals using guns instead of the free market for guns or isolated psychopaths, the nation would be in a better place. How so?

For weeks now, as I write this, and maybe even by the time you get this fine magazine, you’ve been told 10 people, mostly black, were murdered by a psycho-child in a pretend gun-free zone. This has dominated gun and crime “news” and the attention of the political class. The deranged kid announced his plans, acted out on a good bit of it, posted his intentions online, and was left alone despite recognition by numerous adults and agencies. Afterward, officials fabricated lies about what happened. So now we’re treated to endless stories about a tragic event, probably thousands of miles from where you live, and reporters don’t notice something wrong with this picture. What’s wrong?

What About …?

A year ago, 9,941 black people were brutally murdered in the United States. Precise counts of the perps aren’t known because no one keeps track, but experts agree almost all of the dead were murdered by other blacks. This takes place in what used to be known as “ghettos” but have been politically correcti-sized to “inner cities,” or “disadvantaged neighborhoods,” or sometimes just “the community.”

Those deaths and news suppression are proof positive that black lives don’t matter — to the media and political class. The so-called “news” coverage simply supports the bogus narrative that guns are evil. The man currently in the White House has said so.

It defies logic. One million Americans dead from the Coronavirus don’t count. Nuclear-armed Russia and China aggressively acting globally don’t count. We’re spending billions we don’t have, on things we can’t rationally justify or find in the Constitution, that don’t count. Schools teaching children Marxism and convincing youngsters they’re not really boys and girls don’t count. I haven’t even gotten up to the myths referred to in this column’s opening quote. And I’m running out of space.

Carrying Myth Water

I’ve repeatedly documented the gun myths anti-rights people have used to denigrate, deny and revoke the rights we have. Their whole position requires mythology.

Even worse than that are the hoaxes perpetrated on the entire public by mass media and politicians, and as I said in the last column, all politics is gun politics. Our gun rights are assaulted by weakening the fabric of America with anti-gun lies and political correctness falsehoods.

This bears mentioning again, a topic I’ve needed to cover more than once: If political proposals would weaken or reduce your freedoms, you must reject them outright. Review proposed legislation through that lens.

Another awful hoax: When politicians brag arrests are down, that doesn’t mean crime is down. It means fewer cops are working, making fewer arrests, letting perps go, looking the other way, and afraid to act because they might be called names or sued.

The White House hoax office across the street — a theatrical stage made to look like the White House, so the addled man in the Oval Office can be coached for good delivery — is the source of more nonsense about guns, politics and life than you can measure. It doesn’t stop there.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at

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