Inventing new ideas to describe the impossible — and make it sound rational and normal — are Marxist and communist control tools. These are mechanisms designed to keep people cooperative and in line. Looking around you, and especially watching or reading the so-called “news,” you can see it at work. George Orwell called it newthink. Stalin called the people subject to this form of mind control useful idiots. Whatever you think of the people and the process, it’s running rampant in America, and threatens your right to keep and bear arms.


When Joe Biden made bizarre pronouncements about guns in a nationally televised address and had the utter gall to say none of it affects the Second Amendment.

For example: “My job, the job of any President, is to protect the American people.”

No, Biden’s job is, “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

For example: “Modifications to firearms that make them more lethal should be subject to the National Firearms Act.”

No. That’s just patently false. Guns are supposed to be lethal. The 1934 NFA has nothing to do with it.

Government lacks any semblance of delegated power to do the things he declared, and the statements he made lacked even shadows of truthiness. What he called the “assault-weapons ban” that began during the Clinton years essentially banned nothing. Even the revered New York Times, that widely recognized harbinger of lies and deception about guns and gun owners, admitted afterward Clinton’s 10-year program had no effect on crime. The AR-15, the supposed target of that law, has so little involvement in crime it is simply stunning the Democrats and the left would focus attention there. It’s a reflection of how little woke folk understand about guns, how criminals operate and what the threats to our safety really are.

The one-shot-at-a-time AR-15, America’s most popular long gun, is statistically disconnected from the 7,000 annual murders in urban neighborhoods, which politicians and mass media ignore, while talking about “communities of color.”

Revolving Door Myths

Virtually everything the woke left agonizes about guns is a myth, used to take focus away from the real problems. The “bad parts of town,” mired in enforced federal-program poverty, dysfunctional families, fatherless homes, drug-addicted streets, schools that don’t teach — these don’t make it to reformers’ consciousness. And suicides, responsible for a significant portion of the “gun problem” is a medical issue, which doctors won’t tackle, because of the stigma it casts on the accused.

One can barely recall all the myths gun-banning woke activists have invented and thrown at you in efforts to coalesce power into their own heavily armed hands. Remember Saturday Night Specials? That went away when everyone realized it was basically a racist stereotype. Along with it went Junk Guns, the idea that firearms only the poor could afford was the root of all evil. It too lost its value when even the corrupt media realized they needed a new flag to wave.

One of my favorites was Cooling-Off Periods, which morphed into Waiting Periods (“just commonsense,” now a single word). This canard was hopelessly bizarre illogic. One enraged spouse would run out to a gun store in a frenzy, looking to buy the gun needed to murder the other spouse. But having to wait three days (or five, or 10 — it doesn’t matter), he would cool off and the homicidal rage would pass. Then you should believe the angst would never occur again. Ozzie and Harriet would get on famously for the rest of their lives, and the gun, now home, would never get used. No more waiting period, and life is grand. Could it be any more irrational? The woke have abandoned that like screen doors on submarines.

Lately it’s Ghost Guns. The Invisible Guns hysteria died when everyone found out GLOCKs and similar polymer-framed sidearms are superb, not invisible at all, and preferred by law-enforcement agencies everywhere. Printed Guns stopped being a threat when the truth emerged — a single-shot .22 from a $3,000 printer and blueprints couldn’t compete with a $200 used .22. Ghost guns are blocks of aluminum that require knowhow, a tool shop. Do criminals really use them?

Maybe the worst part is how bad the so-called “news” has become. The Columbia Journalism Review, once a paragon of unbiased virtue, now has a gun-news manifesto it expects reporters to sign and obey. A one-sided mash-up of gun-control silliness, it fails to recognize the value and social utility of firearms, and they don’t know it. The woke aren’t just asleep, they’re comatose.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at

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