Guns & Door Stops

On my tastes in guns: I’m a big admirer of plain, cheap, black rubber door stops. When they’re new and shiny with crisp sharp edges, they perform their function beautifully — they stop doors. When they’re old, worn, dull and dinged up, they still stop doors reliably. There are more expensive, elegant and high-tech ways to do the job, but none work appreciably better. I admire the same quality in people, by the way.

I’m not a gunsmith or a gun connoisseur, and I’m far from being a gun expert. I do love guns and shooting — it’s been a big chunk of my life — and I appreciate guns as tools. My personal battery clearly reflects this; my guns are the ordnance-equivalents of rubber door stops. I know enough about ’em to use and maintain them. I’m fascinated with function, not finery and fancy finish.

I think tactics more than I think about tools, because I’ve rarely had much choice in the guns I’ve carried “on business.” Frankly, if I were issued a bumbershoot and a brick, I’d be concentrating on tactics which allow me to sneak up under the concealment of the deployed umbrella, then leap out and deliver multiple brick-bonkin’s on my opposition’s noggin.

Now I’m outta “word count” and I have to bail. If there’s a next time, we’ll go down & dirty on competition, “combat accuracy,” and gunfighting, okay? Kwaheri!

Connor OUT