Tank's Modular Moon-Clip Loader


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Crank Thumb

Anyone who’s ever loaded moon clips by hand knows firsthand how true those words are. Moon clips allow us to shoot rimless cartridges in revolvers by providing head space with a metal clip. It’s these clips, resembling Kung-Fu throwing-stars — and just as dangerous — causing all the trouble.

Next time you hear someone bellyache about their nasty paper cut, you’ll scowl and exclaim, “Ha! You have no idea what pain is until you’ve filleted your thumb and index finger to the bone, wrestling with a moon clip!” Chances are, they’ll stare at you and walk away. Ask me how I know.

Here’s a cheap, easy way to load those dastardly death-clips, blood-free and with ease. It’s really not my idea, I found it on YouTube, but figured I’d share it with you guys and gals so you can load-away the safe way.

You should be able to figure this out with the few pics here. Basically, you run a bolt through the aluminum making sure the head is the right distance from the side. Then you put a clip over the bolt head and feed in a case. As you turn the clip (with a wrench under the aluminum) the back wall of the angle cams the round into the clip. Magic, if you ask me!


Here’s everything you’re going to need. Two wrenches, a bolt with the same head-size as the inside of your moon-clip, some nylon washers, a nylon lock nut and a handle. This sort fits right onto the bolt head.

gun crank moon clip

A top view so you get the idea where to run the bolt through. That’s 1.5″x1/8″ aluminum angle.

Gun crank moon clip

The nylon washer that goes against the bolt head may need to be turned down. It needs to be bigger than the bolt head but smaller than the moon clip recesses, so it doesn’t interfere with the cartridge rim.

moon clip

Attach the handle so you can turn the bolt. As the clip rotates, the cartridge that rubs against the back wall will be seated in the clip.

Moon clip

With five already loaded, it used to be pretty tough to get that 6th in. Now, as the clip turns as you rotate the handle below the tool, the case slips right into the slot. Presto! Extra hole is because it took Tank a time or two to get the spot right!

moon clip

To get fancy, line up the rounds ready to go and just feed, twist, feed, twist and you’re done in a few seconds.

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Get all of your gunsmithing tools at Brownells.com by clicking here.