It’s Time To Think Past Your Guns


For a long time after our birth as a nation, the very existence of a heavily armed populace kept the central authorities and their power in check. Our brilliant system, with innovative separation of powers and an independent judiciary, got the American self-governance experiment underway. Freedom to defend yourself, pursue your own interests and exercise self-reliance sustained the nation. We quickly became the envy of and a magnet for the world’s people yearning to be free. Americans bear arms — what a concept! That was then.

You and I have lived through and enjoyed times when factual discussions and realistic arguments about guns — without firing them at domestic enemies — could win the day. Free speech got us that. We prefer debate instead of fighting, a fresh idea. The facts are on our side. History is on our side. Precedent is on our side. The holdings of the nation’s Founders were with us. The right to survive — the law of the jungle — is on our side. We have won grandly. Many of us now carry, discreetly, 20 million by the latest count, using the government’s obnoxious permission slips (and taxes called “fees”). Significantly more carry constitutionally, no papers required. Marksmanship, forced on us by permit protocols, would be more rightly set in schooling. We’re working on that.

The armed public drives leftist Marxist control freaks among us nuts. We’re a wall to their preferred totalitarianism. Four times more of us, another 80 million (for a total of 100 million), are armed without actively exercising the right to bear on a daily basis. Lefties can’t stand it. They attack us in every way they can, mostly to no avail and largely with myths, fear and deception. Remember “blood in the streets” scares from legalized carry? False. Assault? It’s a type of behavior, not a type of arm. Look at your guns. That’s how ineffective and foppish they are. We’ve got iron. Pro gun is pro rights.

Shift In The Winds

Crafty Marxists, though, are gaining leverage, leeway and numbers. With two generations of youth indoctrinated — while we slept — they’ve infiltrated our national psyche. Leftist enemies have quietly captured our vital institutions, school systems, bureaucracies, corporations and so-called “news.” It’s no secret. They’re there, waving their multicolored flags and upside-down logic. Men cannot give birth. Guns don’t kill, criminals do. And it’s not even killing, it’s murder. You keep hearing about shootings, but shooting is a sport more popular than golf. The word “shooting” has been stolen and now substitutes for crime. Radicals in government protect criminal perpetrators while denigrating the rest of us for peaceably bearing arms. Government itself has been described as a protection and insurance racket with an army.


We are not deplorable (their phony term for us), but they are degenerates. We’re too nice to call them that, but it’s what they are, degenerate. Look it up. It’s all the “D” words we avoid for the ghoulish plague they represent, like debauchery, decadence, debased behavior and depravity. The gang of the Ds.

With classic commie mind-control methodology, anti-gun radicals project their fears and biases on us. Whatever they are, that’s what they call us. We’re awful at refuting and resisting. We’re not racists, they are. Lefties see everything through skin color. We’re not violent, we’re just armed. They riot, burn, pillage, deface and are tolerated by the captured power structure, which they neutered. Defunding the police is not our plan. Using the FBI against school moms horrifies us. Turning the Patriot Act into a CIA tool for managing the right side, namely us, and label-smearing us domestic terrorists are clever but evil.

Mightier Than Sword?

Your guns are sadly helpless against this onslaught. I ask constantly — who are you going to shoot when they incrementally steal your rights and soul? We have grown too comfortable and rich — through the combined miracles of capitalism, free speech and liberty — to stand tall and kill off the worst of the anti-freedom perpetrators. The ones who twist and malign our institutions in their favor. The ones who now hold what our Founders feared — more firepower than we can match.

Long ago, the communist-socialist-Marxist axis proposed that they would hang us, and we would sell them the rope. It’s happening. Object and you’re labeled, canceled or disappeared. Whatever happened to the protesters on Jan. 6, 2021? Are they still imprisoned without charges or trials? Who do you point your gun at to fix that? No one. You can’t and won’t; they have virtually rendered the armed public feckless. You can’t resist riot-clad dynamic entry teams with helicopters.

Together with their corrupted “news” media allies and “entertainment” industries, they celebrate the worst aspects of life depraved. Mark Andreessen quotes Andrew McAfee, saying our worst problems are the ones you can’t mention. This includes the aberrant, deviant, degenerate and perverted behaviors now taken for almost normal.

The solution rests with restoring free speech, speaking truth against perverted morality and voting. Wicked unethical elements in our midst must be outed and excised. Gunpowder is not the right tool for that. Liberty’s enemies operate in shadows and must not overthrow or annihilate our system. Numbers help. Introduce friends and kids to marksmanship. Do it. And vote the bastages out.

Award-winning author, writer, consultant and musician Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for more than three decades. Now writing his 15th book, Why Science May Be Worng, see his work or reach him at

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