Mass Media Gun Reports Are a Disinformation Campaign


It’s as if radicals and their “news” media cohorts have decided, “Why debate gun owners? They have all the arguments on the right side. Why not just label smear them and win like that?” This sums up the modern approach from anti-gun-rights zealots, who have a battery of nasty names, a river of feckless bills that omit criminals and little else against the legally armed public.

Don’t allow gun-hating bigots, including those running mass media, to twist your thoughts or get you using their negative terms and images. You’ll help them win the battle for our sacred rights. Write, speak and think from the right side, not the woke phrases now so prevalent in debate.

Even story selection turns otherwise good people against our precious rights that preserve freedom. The comparatively rare circumstances surrounding exploding psychopaths on killing sprees become glorified anti-heroics with what’s called “saturation coverage.” That’s a euphemism for mass propaganda. Those incidents are misleading, especially when compared to the 7,000 urban murders each year — but are left out of the dialog. The media may say something else, but journalists’ actions demonstrate black lives don’t matter, with 19 murdered daily on average.

Shooting Is Not A Crime

Wholesome sport shooting, with a time-honored history, is something this magazine is dedicated to preserving. For anyone who owns at least one gun and goes shooting, your collection isn’t an arsenal. The media says arsenal to belittle you and make you sound crazed. We should all be shooters — regularly. It’s said that marksmanship (a word you rarely see in the lamestream) is a perishable skill. It needs frequent refreshing. Our 100 million gun owners who are indeed shooters get no ink and are obscured from view.

But while hiding or ignoring 100 million of us, the 7,000 black victims of crime are harmed by having their terrible situation overlooked. This isn’t gun violence, a bogus term invented to place blame and focus on hardware instead of criminal perpetrators. It’s crime. Murder. If gun reporting was accurate and unbiased, the gun-rights debate would evaporate, as Second Amendment Foundation CEO Alan Gottlieb has frequently observed.

Decent, righteous people practicing, learning, improving and teaching others are constant and deserve exposure. There is practically none, giving the false impression the only purpose for guns in public hands is to hold up liquor stores and murder people publicly during daylight. When captured on security-camera video, so-called “news” stations hit replay till you could puke. That’s the idea. They do it deliberately.


The difference between misinformation and disinformation is intent. Misinformation includes honest mistakes and errors, but once published, circulates with a life of its own. You see this all the time in lamestream writing — getting terms wrong, thinking guns actually “spray” bullets and using statistics from discredited sources. When that’s done deliberately, presenting a misleading picture of the world, that’s disinformation, a horrible abuse of the public trust. Reporters and editors who do that should have their licenses revoked. But of course, they are “unlicensed operators,” something they want the public to hate — when it relates to gun ownership. For themselves, “We don’t need no stinking permits.”

A policy advisor who survived the Holocaust worked with one of the most vigilant groups in the gun debate, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( Mr. Dov Marhoffer told chilling stories about his childhood experiences with his mom in a Ukrainian prison camp. That is hidden from view. Instead, we hear of the wonderful, revered, armed Ukrainian freedom fighters who can do no wrong, and they’re “with us.” Don’t look behind the curtain where you’ll learn they were among the most vicious of Nazi allies running extermination centers. Their current Azov Battalion is a neo-Nazi wing complete with recognizable but not quite swastika insignias.

Dov gave lectures right up to when he departed the Earth in 2022. He would tell audiences, “No vun vas killed in de Holocaust!” with that thick and distinct accent that was his trademark. When the slack jaws in the room recovered, he would continue, “Dey ver murdered!” The point drove home with enormous clarity. It’s a point our Fourth Estate, those mass-media scoundrels hiding behind the First Amendment, deliberately avoid.

Our problem, dear colleagues, is not guns on the street, which don’t even exist there. The media keeps getting that deliberately wrong — arms are in peoples’ homes. It is psychopathic criminals who are on the streets without sufficient balance from law enforcement or even citizen resistance. Firearms are tucked away, where they stand ready to repel invaders of the foreign or domestic sort. That sense of preparedness, and all the good that guns do, is crucified by intolerant, non-inclusive, deceitfully aggressive perpetrators hiding in plain sight. Illegally armed criminals, definitely on the streets, are simply ignored.

Award-winning author, writer, consultant and musician Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. Now writing his 15th book, Why Science May Be Wrong, see his work or reach him at

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