A Rimfire Can Be A Lifesaver

American Handgunner’s Massad Ayoob wrote a gripping story about one remarkable lifesaving use of a .22-caliber handgun in the January-February 1987 installment of “The Ayoob Files.”

It was the account of Richard Davis, at the time a pizza shop owner in Detroit. Eight months after three thugs had robbed and terrorized his fiancée using a fake pizza order as bait, Davis was called to deliver a pizza at — wait for it — the same address. Nobody said punk robbers are bright guys, so Davis went out for the delivery, but he took the only handgun he owned, a .22-caliber Harrington & Richardson six-shot revolver.

His instincts were correct, and when he arrived, three males came out of the shadows, one with a .25-caliber handgun. Over the next few seconds, Davis shot and wounded two of the three, probably saving his own life, though not by much. The armed thug fired and struck Davis twice, once in the head and the second time in the leg. The bullet to his head, according to Ayoob, “skidded along his skull, and lodged under his scalp.”