The number one request I get for grip information concerns the grips formerly offered by BearHug Grips. Deacon Deason of BearHug marketed the double action grips known as Skeeter Skelton Style that were especially fancied by users of Smith & Wesson sixguns. The late Skeeter patterned his grips after a modified Walter Roper design. Roper was a well-known handgunner and experimenter prior to World War II. His book, Experiments of a Handgunner is available in reprint form from Wolfe Publishing.

Roper designed the stocks found on Smith & Wesson double actions from before World War II to about the late 1950’s. After that they were changed by S&W, becoming too blocky and too large for anyone with average hands. Skelton changed the Roper design slightly to conform to his hand and the result is the best grips ever devised for double action Smith & Wessons.

Today, Eagle Grips and Herrett’s Stocks both provide grips patterned after the original Roper design, and Roy Fishpaw, the Master Gripmaker, also offers stocks much like the Roper/Skelton style. BluMagnum has the BearHug patterns and now provides the same basic grips too.

There are enough sixgunners interested in personalizing their sixguns with special stocks to keep several grip makers very busy. Some need grips to improve the handling of their sixguns; others simply want to dress that special revolver up a mite. In addition to the premium materials mentioned, a new material has recently been offered and that is bone. Grips made from bone, I believe they use either shoulder bone or thigh bone, of the giraffe and American bison, are exceptionally beautiful. The former is an almost translucent straw color, while the latter has beautiful blue and gray grain patterns.