Nicely Made

Just as the original, this is a 6-shot revolver and comes equipped with excellent target sights. Let me rephrase, these are as good as it gets when it comes to adjustable sights on a sixgun. The blade front sight matches up nicely with the square notch in the rear sight and the back of the rear sight is both slanted and serrated to cut down on glare. Dan Wesson always provided big bold black sights on their revolvers and this has not changed. Original owners could replace the black front sight with others with colored inserts. Originally, they were offered in red, yellow and white inserts. Personally I have always preferred plain black.

Quite often in the original production Dan Wesson revolvers would have rough chambers and/or a situation where the back end of the barrel was not parallel to the front of the cylinder. Neither one of these conditions are present in this current production revolver.

The single action trigger pull is a very crisp, creep-free four pounds. At an overall weight of 48 ounces, or three pounds (!), this is a very pleasant shooting .357 Magnum. Back when they were producing .44 Magnums the weight was four pounds and the grips were a very usable smooth walnut, making this double action revolver about as pleasant as it was possible to make the big Magnum. Hopefully, this gun will also return to production.