.44 Magnum

The .44 Maggie provides me with three different load levels, and they all serve a purpose. Two of the loads use the same Miha “Keith” bullet used in the .44 Special and the third is a heavyweight LBT 320 grain slug. My lightweight load uses 10 grains of Unique under the 265-grain Keith. I get 1,100 FPS, just a tad faster than the .44 Special “Skeeter” load. It’s great for teaching beginners, or simply a perfect plinking companion.

The next load also uses the Miha “Keith” bullet, but its loaded over 21 grains of 2400, duplicating Elmer’s load of the then, slower burning 2400 of the day. Elmer used 22 grains, but today’s 2400 is slightly faster burning. Anyway, we get 1,400 FPS using 21 grains, which is plenty fast. It’s a great all-around load and accurate.

Lastly, we have the LBT LFNDCGC, or long, flat-nosed, dual crimp, gas check slug. Loaded with 22 grains of H110 and ignited with a CCI 350 magnum pistol primer, we get 1,300 FPS of fun. This load has been shot clear through a buffalo, and is a heavy hitter — accurate too!