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Rogers Rail Lite

[…] I put it on a custom 9mm CCF Raceframe Robar Glock clone and shot about 50 fast rounds with the […]

.22LR Conversion Units

[…] Browning High Power, and some models of the Beretta/Taurus and Glock line. SIG-Sauer offers a conversion unit to fit several […]

New Products Sept/Oct 2016 Issue

[…] Pocket Holster. For more info: (979) 820-3267, Mag for GLOCKs Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Group ETS Group’s 16-round mag […]

Magazine Capacity Hysteria

[…] is willing to toss overboard my Detective Special, or my Glock magazines, just so he gets to keep his gun […]

New Products July/August 2016 Issue

[…] Solo; Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard 380; Ruger’s LCP; Bersa’s Thunder; GLOCK’s Model 42 and 43s; Remington’s new RM380; Kahr Arms […]

A Failure To Function

[…] good test of gun function and reliability. Guns like a Glock 19, Springfield XD series and Smith & Wesson’s M&P […]

New Must-Haves

[…] to accommodate some of the popular service pistols like the Glock, XD and M&P, as well as the 1911. Its […]