Gunnysack: UM Tactical
UM3 Sight Mount


I’ve been using a vintage UM Tactical Sight Mount for 75% of forever. I picked one up at a SHOT Show many years back and have used it ever since. Recently upgrading my antique to a new UM3 model, I figured it was time to share the joys of this simple piece of gear.

The UM3 Sight Mount gives you an over-the-slide standard rail mount for red dots or handgun scopes on virtually any pistol equipped with an under-barrel rail. A couple of pistols require the UM3(X) model, so check the website.

Simply slide the unit over the front rail, allowing the detent lever to lock into a rail slot. Then mount your optic, drawing the two upper rail halves together. This “locks” the unit into place. It’ll even maintain zero through removal and remounting.
I use it most frequently with a Bushnell handgun scope. You’ll be amazed what most handguns can do when optical sighting precision is perfect. An optional holster is available too.

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